"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can break my heart..." Linda McCartney

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Sticks And Stones

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Conscience: a personal sense of the moral content of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character

with regard to a feeling of obligation to do right or be good. Conscience, usually informed

by acculturation and instruction, is thus generally understood to give intuitively authoritative judgments regarding the moral quality of single actions.”

Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008. Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Once upon a time, good conscience used to be a character component PARENTS, some sort of faith, and community instilled in their children. Children also learned from the example of community leaders– their teachers, their preachers and their neighbors.
Train up a boy according to the way for him; even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it.”–Probverbs 22:6
It’s disturbing to me how the media is making it appear as though all of a sudden there’s this prolific increase of lack of good judgement and good conscience. The truth is, this is a social phenomena that has been going on for quite a long time.
Without a conscience, there can be no empathy.  Conscience is the little voice behind you saying:  Do you really wanna say, do, wear that? Conscience is: The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one’s conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong.- The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
I don’t believe more Internet cyber-etiquette classes are gonna cut it here.
Linda McCartney very famously and poignantly put it this way:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but *words* can break my heart.”
That, literally, is what’s at the heart of this matter. People not stoping to consider anyone’s humanity– their  feelings– anymore, probably because their own are so dulled down.
“…how can YOU speak good things, when YOU are wicked? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”— Matt 12: 34, 35
Words are powerful.  They are double-edged swords.  They have the capacity to heal and humiliate. Words can kill! They kill the spirit. People who think it’s fun or funny to kill another person’s spirit are, in my opinion, MURDERERS!

The cumulative effect of all of this seemingly innocuous, funny ha-ha mendacity is that it slowly, insidiously, bit by tiny bit, transforms potential friends and talented individuals into frightened, uncertain, helpless victims. Victimization leads to frustration. Frustration leads to anger. Anger devolves into resignation. Resignation leads to self-loathing and creates The 21st Century Zombie. Going through the motions of living on the outside. Dead on the inside.

It’s a slow and wretched existence. First of all, the psychological and emotional energy it takes damping down all that pain, reigning it all in– persevering and enduring, often with no end in sight every day. It. Is. EXHAUSTING!

Job only had to endure his torment three years. So did Jesus Christ.

Because you’re the victim, you have to do all the work. No one must ever know you’re angry, annoyed, disappointed, hurt, scared– fighting the good fight all by yourself in your head and in your heart.

Second, if you fail to understand how victimization works–  Poof! All of a sudden you’re not only a problem, you’re the one with the problem. You’re the difficult person, the malcontent, the complainer, the irritating source of all the friction. You don’t know how to “go with the flow.” You’re INFLEXIBLE! Everybody has bad stuff happen to them. You need to develop a “thick skin.” You have only yourself to blame. You should stand up for yourself!

“How does it feel to be a problem?”– W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk

These young people know: Tyler Clementi, Megan Meier, and Hope Witsell, just a few of the former members of the sad and tragic fratority of the walking wounded– the living dead.  Then there are the countless unnamed victims who dull their pain with alcohol and drugs and sexual promiscuity or acting out rages.  “How does it feel to be a problem?”

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?— Bob Dylan

There are so many more stories like theirs in the naked city and silent suburbs.  Not only are children, teens and young adults bullied in schools and on college campuses all across America, but adults are being bullied in the workplace as well. People with children, and car notes, and student loans, and mortgages, and credit cards to repay are being forced to quit their jobs (another form of suicide) to escape the harrassment.

It’s neither fun nor funny to deliberately or maliciously make another human being feel like a victim, to kill their spirit.  When someone physically assaults you, or steals your property, or you lose a limb as a result of medical incompetence or malpractice, the law’s the remedy for you.  But when someone hurts, or assaults, or maims, or lacerates your feelings, where’s the remedy for you?

“Ouch! That hurt my feelings! Quick! Call the police!?”

Society says you just need to suck it up, act like an adult, shake it off, grow up, be a man, turn the other cheek, give it to God. But when mean people, their lies and their hateful machinations interfere with your ability to sustain or even have quality of life itself– when it interferes with your pursuit of happiness–  it’s a tad harder to just shake off.

And the effort. It takes soo much out of you, requires soo much energy.  It’s soo exhausting. Nowadays not even your home is a safe haven, or shelter from the storms or respite to recharge and gain your bearings and endure another day. There’s a note posted on your door. A message on your answering machine. An email in your inbox. A text on your mobile phone. A video on Youtube.

They’re following you home.

You want a friend you- can rely on
One who will never fade away
And if you’re searching for an answer
Stick around. I say  It’s coming up, it’s coming up
Its coming up like a flower
Its coming up. Yeah– Paul McCartney and Wings

No rest for the weary.

What needs to be talked about more, everywhere, is being of good character and valuing a good conscience. Having a good FICA score is not an indicator of good character! All that demonstrates is that you can pay your bills. And yet, that’s all we publically associate character with– a record of bill paying. No wonder no one really cares or has any regard for how anybody feels any more.

True happiness and joy rests in having a good conscience.  You get a good conscience by having goodwill towards everyone every day and all the time. It’s not how well you treat people, it’s how well you make them feel. A lot of the time, being good to one another requires no money at all.
When we can get back to being a society who cares more about the emotional health and well being of people and less about their credit scores, there may be hope for less of these true and tragic stories of people who are just plain mean to other people.
C’mon People now, Smile on your Brother
Everybody get together, try to love one another right now!
Right now!
Right now!

IF You Can Keep Your Head When All About You…

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Courage is:

  • Following your conscience instead of “following the crowd.”
  • Refusing to take part in hurtful or disrespectful behaviors.
  • Sacrificing personal gain for the benefit of others.
  • Speaking your mind even though others don’t agree.
  • Taking complete responsibility for your actions…and your mistakes.
  • Following the rules – and insisting that others do the same.
  • Challenging the status quo in search of better ways.
  • Doing what you know is right – regardless of the risks and potential consequences

Source:  http://drlill.com/

On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control. Gal. 5:22,23

CHARACTER COUNTS! WeekMake character your cause for celebration

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Serena Williams.  Kanye West. South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson. Jesse Jackson.  Barbara Bush. Elvis Costello.  Rush Limbaugh.  Glenn Beck:  October 18-24, 2009  is Character Counts Week!  Pass it on.

http://www.johnwmacdonald.com/blog/2006/03/brigitte-bardot-protests-in-ottawa.htmlBrigitte Bardot was convicted of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing, in her ardent defense of animal rights, that Muslims are destroying France saying she was:

”tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.”

Vice President Dick Cheney’s  “joke” suggests a widely held belief of there exists a culture of generational incest in West Virginia:

“So I had Cheneys on both sides of the family and we don’t even live in West Virginia..,”

Don Imus on the the Rutgers women’s basketball team:

IMUS: Awesome rough girls from Rutgers. Man, they got tattoos.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some hardcore hoes.
IMUS: That’s some nappy-headed hos.

Don Imus, on Gwen Ifilldistinguished journalist, moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and senior correspondent for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer:

“Isn’t the ‘Times’ wonderful.  It lets the cleaning lady cover the White House.”

Barbara Bush on hurricane Katrina evacuees in Houston who lost everything back in Mississippi or Louisiana…

“What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas..,   And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this is working very well for them.”

Costello “called James Brown ‘a jive-ass n****r’.” Of Ray Charles?’ He said, ‘Screw Ray Charles, he’s nothing but a blind n****r.’

Michael Richards…

‘Nuf said.

I could go on and on. I’m gonna channel Marvin Gaye here–  “What’s going on?”  Is the whole world losing its mind?  Whatever happened to a little som’ sompin’ called self-control?

Dictionary.com defines self control as “control or restraint of oneself or one’s actions, feelings, etc.” It’s interesting to note synonyms include discipline and levelheadedness. In the world of personal morality, then, has it really come to pass..? One day morality is in, and the next day it’s OUT?

You don’t have to be anti this or pro that to appreciate self-control.  It’s not about clinging to religion or right wing conservatism or any of these descriptors tossed about to silence those we disagree with or to disguise or justify why “WE” don’t like “you.” People are just opening their mouths and letting the toads plop wherever they may.


In the cases of Don Imus and Michael Richards, these men had deluded themselves into believing that just because they hung with Blacks who “reclaimed” the “N” word and other equally crass expressions often degrading of women, they were in the fratority. They felt safe to use the expressions themselves, after all “everybody knows I’m not a racist!” They actually believed they were not only down with them but down like them. Imus has said he’s learned his lesson.  Hmmm…  That’s easy for you to say, Don, now that you’re able to go on making a living.

More than racism is rearing its ugly head as these remarks and all the other recent verbal faux pas clearly demonstrate. These tiny thumbnails should be starting to switch on our collective alarm bells. These are no mere slips of the tongue. These are revelations, a heads up if you will pointing out what really lies beneath. Attention needs to be paid!

In the sixties, the hippies mantra was love, love, love. Today..?  What’s going on?  Where is the love?

http://www.elsarings.com/tennisbracelet/playersgallery_serena_williams.htmlIF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

Kanye-West-u07.jpgIf you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

http://www.slate.com/id/2140061/If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

If  |  Rudyard Kipling

Six of Ten

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“The worst thing you can be is a liar….Okay fine, yes, the worst thing you can be is a Nazi, but THEN, number two is liar. Nazi 1, Liar 2″

Justin’s dad*

Boys who killed dad seek fresh start

The Today ShowKing brothers call murder a ‘mistake’

After serving time in prison for slaying their sleeping father, Derek and Alex King talk to Matt Lauer about what they learned behind bars and their plans for the future.  Full story

chicken of the seaAsk any person you happen to see– “What’s the worse person anyone can be?” 9 out of 10 people will probably say “murderer.”  It’s Black letter law.  It’s the sixth of the Ten Commandments:

‘You shall not murder.’ Right..?

I say  Dat’s not iiiitttt.

The worse person anyone can be– is a malicious LIAR. Justin’s dad gets an A for effort, but his short list is ordered wrong.  Liar-1. There is no #2.

Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for murderers to get a second chance. Their story may have some mitigating circumstance.  They may be young like the King brothers. It may have been self-defense, unintended, an accident. Once they’ve served their time– paid their debt to society, rightfully they should be able to regain their rights as citizens, get a job, and get on with their lives. It’s easier to be a paroled/released murderer (or should I say ex-convict?) than it is to be a job seeker these days.

These boys are young.  They don’t have the yoke of an employment history to lug around. Or an ex-boss or colleagues who don’t like them enough to torpedo any potential future prospect with a LIE.

You hear about it, but the problem still does not get the media attention that it really and truly deserves.  The majority of people who are out of work are people who have been the victim of workplace bullying and some LIE that keeps following them around like a bad credit rating. The comparison is especially appropriate because if you’re unaware there’s a “mistake” on your credit report, it can literally rock your world, and quite a few of you know what that’s like and how that feels. The shock. The surprise. The embarrassment. The dream deferred or worse, the plans postponed, even derailed. Maybe even forever.

The cumulative effect of the LIE is that it slowly, insidiously, transforms the Object of the lie into a victim.  Victimization leads to frustration.  Frustration leads to anger. Anger leads to desperation.

David Banner/The Hulk“Please don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

The caveat to that?  The psychological and emotional energy it takes to damp it all down and reign it all in.  You’re the victim but you have to do all the work.  First, keep the secret. No one must ever know you’re angry, annoyed, disappointed, hurt, scared, humiliated.  Second, Remember you are made of iron.  You’re not only a problem, you are the one with the problem. You’re the difficult person, the malcontent, the complainer, the irritating source of all the friction.  You’re INFLEXIBLE. You don’t “go with the flow.”  You’re a rock and an island.

The Rock feels no pain
And an Island never cries | Simon and Garfunkle | I Am A Rock | 1966

”How does it feel to be a problem?” | The Souls of Black Folk

I’ll bet’cha Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold know knew.   Seung-Hui Cho.  I bet he knew.  Megan Meier, John Hinkley,Jr.,  Jeffrey Weise, Perry Smith, John Merlin Taylor, Joseph M. Harris, Aileen Wournos, Thomas McIlvane, Mark Richard Hilbun, Bruce William Clark, Travis Bickle, Jennifer San Marco, Mark David Chapman, Willie Loman.., just a few of the former members in the sad and tragic fratorities of the walking wounded and the living dead–

When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal | Bob Dylan | Like a Rolling Stone | 1965
“How does it feel to be a problem?” | WEB Du Bois

If only they knew how to articulate their pain, or get the “help” they needed or maybe, just maybe could one kind word have averted any or all of these disasters? One tiny apology?  One small gesture of empathy? One olive branch extended, one promise kept? One LIE left untold?

You want a friend you- can rely on
One who will never fade away
And if you’re searching for an answer
Stick around. I say  It’s coming up, it’s coming up
Its coming up like a flower
Its coming up. Yeah*** | Paul McCartney & Wings | Coming Up | 1977

It’s neither fun nor funny to deliberately and maliciously thwart another human being’s pursuit of happiness.  When someone physically assaults you, or steals your property, or you lose a limb as a result of medical incompetence or malpractice, the law’s the remedy for you.  But when someone hurts, or assaults, your feelings, or robs you of your opportunity to make a living or adequately care for your children, have a life– who you gonna call?  The police?

Society says you need to act like an adult, shake it off, grow up, be a man, turn the other cheek, give it to God. But when mean people and their lies interfere with your ability to sustain or even have a quality of life itself, it’s a tad harder to just shake it off. And it takes soo long, requires soo much energy.  It’s soo exhausting. Mean People, jealous, hateful, judgemental, gossips– these office PARIAHS who cause other people to lose or leave their jobs are socially acceptable, predatory murderers. They get away with their crimes so they repeat their offenses.  They never pay their debt to society.  And the worst part:  They believe they’re “nice.”  People always use that particular word to characterize these killers of the spirit.

That’s the insidious, paradoxical beauty of the lie.  At first glance the lie looks so innocuous, so inconsequential, so small; it’s fun. And yet the lie is responsible for all the aforementioned people and all their murders and all their victims, and all our collective pain.

Everybody who wants it and is willing to work hard for it deserves a second, third, fourth, fifth… 900th second chance. Stop being a Hater.  Stop hatin’ on Chris Brown, Michael Vick, Ted Kennedy for God’s sake, Jane Fonda.  Stop hatin’ on that girl at the office whose “look” you don’t like or that fellow who doesn’t watch American Idol so he “just doesn’t fit in,” or those Mormons or that “geeHovah witness” ‘cause “Most Christians believe they’re a cult.”

Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments | Matthew 22:36-40.

It's raining loveLove is all you need.

“If, then, you are bringing your gift to the altar (claiming to be a Christian) and you there remember that your brother has something against you (because you’re making his life hell at work), leave your gift there in front of the altar, and go away; first make your peace with your brother, and then, when you have come back, offer up your gift. Be about settling matters quickly with the one complaining against you…” | Matt 5:23-25

One thing leads to another | The Fixx | 1983

Tax Payer Dollars At Work or Multiple Births For Fun And Profit

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Susan Smith. Remember her, the South Carolina woman who, in 1994 killed her two boys by driving her auto into a lake while the children slept in their car seats? Remember how she went on Good Morning America? That’s when we all knew something about her and her story was not right. Her demeanor, something about her and her performance that morning was just not quite right.

I’m having the same reaction to Ms Nadya Suleman, the Whittier, California woman the press has dubbed “The Octuplet Mom.” In a portion of the interview with the unbearable Ann Curry on NBC’s The Today Show, Ms Suleman volunteered that the biological father was “overwhelmed” by recent events but that she hoped he would want to be involved in the childrens’ lives in the future. Talk about entrapment. Did Ms Suleman bear 14 children to finally get her man? This relationship needs to be investigated.

If the children were all conceived through IVF, how is it that Ms Suleman appears to enjoy not only a longstanding relationship but an apparently complex, ongoing relationship with the sperm donor who she claims is the biological father of all her kids?  Who is this guy? And what does he do? Who’s paying for the premature birth and NICU expenses?

During her televised sit down with NBC, Ms Suleman repeatedly characterized the birth as “a miracle.”  So what then, is a miracle?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA):  miracle. (n.d.) citing Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary,* a miracle is defined as :

an event in the external world brought about by the immediate agency or the simple volition of God, operating without the use of means capable of being discerned by the senses, and designed to authenticate the divine commission of a religious teacher and the truth of his message (John 2:18; Matt. 12:38). It is an occurrence at once above nature and above man. It shows the intervention of a power that is not limited by the laws either of matter or of mind, a power interrupting the fixed laws which govern their movements, a supernatural power.

Hmmm.  Wilfully deciding to become pregnant, paying for IVF treatments and then cognitively participating with her doctor neither constitiutes an act of God nor a supernatural happenstance.  What happened here appears less a miracle and more like “a matter of mind.”  

Another Susan Smith moment for me was her appearance. Her nose (her lips especially) doesn’t look “natural.” Did Ms Suleman have cosmetic surgery in a pathetic attempt to make herself look like Angelina Jolie?

If so, how was this cosmetic surgery financed and when?  Was Ms Suleman influenced by the spate of reality shows featuring women with large families like the bewildering Duggars, or Jon and Kate Plus Eight? Does she believe this is her ticket to reality show fame and fortune?

Women have been devising creative ways to make a living in this world since time and memoriam, but when they take their act on the road and publish it on the airways and to the media for profit, that’s when the public, (and justifiably so) is outraged. When a human interest story reaches the airways, it generally brings out the best in all of us, our true altruism. We want to help and we do.

We love a feel-good story.  We love it when we can have a part in making someone else’s life better. For the featured family, the public airways is generally the last resort, turned to when all the other support mechanisms or government has failed. But lately there have been too many Susan Smith-like cases, too many GMA Queen for a Day sob stories, too many Live Ambush makeovers, too many people getting a new car simply for showing up at a taping of a popular talk show; too many people taking advantage and being taken advantage of.

And now Nadya Suleman. Her selfish motives are so obvious and yet who she really is remains a mystery. 14 lives are forever going to be affected by the decisions of this woman. Is she emotionally or mentally disturbed? From where I sit, something is not quite right with her. Mary Kay Le Tourneau was functional while mentally/emotionally impaired, and look how things turned out for her.  There is so much we don’t know about Nadya Suleman and her many enablers.  

Ms Suleman’s choice to bear 14 children, however,  is her private choice. It’s not for her to make the care and feeding of these children a public works project.  These expenses are hers to bear. If she has a longstanding and healthy relationship with a church as she suggests that she does, I think this is where it all should stay, as opposed to the public airways.

Alas, someone will pay for her story. It’s inevitable. It may even become a Lifetime Television Network movie event. Her book will get published and it will sell well. Hell, she may even get a reality TV show just like Jon and Kate, and a big, new house and a bus and Pampers and formula donated by the sponsor.

I hope she will also get regular home visits from Child Protective Services in Whittier, California. That some authority will be appointed to make certain the proceeds from her TV appearances will go to the care and upbringing of the children and not so Ms Suleman can continue to have pink acrylic French tips or more cosmetic surgery. Finally, I hope never to hear about Ms Suleman or her children ever again.

There is precedent. After all, the McCaughey seven born November 19, 1997 were the only family so far to really become famous. Diane Sawyer loves the McCaughey seven, and returns with her camera crew annually to update us on how they’re doing.

The Chukwu octuplets (born in December 1998 in Houston, Texas to Nigerian immigrants) were the world’s first set of octuplets. Born in the United States, the smallest of the octuplets, Odera, died a week after birth. There was hardly any fanfare in this country, but the birth was an international sensation and remains so to this day. Diane is not so interested in them. They appeared recently on The Today Show. It would really be disgusting for Ms Suleman to garner more national attention than either of these families, neither of whom exploit their children or their situations with reality shows.

People need to feel accepted and approved for who they are. Desperate times are forcing people to devise more desperate measures. How many women are out there now closely observing how things turn out for Nadya Suleman?  How many more children are poised to be exploited on reality television? Or become their family’s sole means of support? How many more multiple birth moms are out there waiting in the wings for their big TV break or their 15 minutes or Today Show segment at taxpayer expense?

Tick-tock… tick-tock… tick tock…

Originally posted February 20, 2009

*Retrieved February 15, 2009, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/miracle

Two American Kids

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Two American kids doin the best they can…

Oprah, and Tyra and Larry and Matt and Meredith and Ann and Al (love ya, Al!)— Everybody’s talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown. Everybody’s talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothin’,  spoutin’ the same-sounding, redundant   Stepford-wife speak in unison.

You know the stake has been rammed securely into the heart of cognitive journalism when Robin Givens, the ghost of celebrity past, is resurrected from career-dead to appear on Larry King to speak about her experience with her “abuser,” ex-husband Mike Tyson. Um, Humm… ‘Nuf said.

All this media speculation casting Rihanna as the poor, defenseless, poor helpless, poor pity inspiring woman-Victim and Chris Brown is the big, mean, psychologically damaged-victim man-ABUSER.

Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout the rumor that the couple has produced a track together. Could it be they’re just fulfilling a prior contractual obligation?

Will she break the mold and speak articulately, clearly and truthfully about what really happened to her? What happened to them that fateful night and why has she decided to continue to maintain a relationship with him afterward?

Rihanna and Chris are not married. They have no children together. Conventional wisdom says they should just go their separate ways, then, right? Is that why no one is talkin’ ’bout Hilary Clinton, who chose to remain in an emotionally, sexually, and perhaps even psychologically tormented relationship with her husband Bill?

Rihanna knows she is not a victim. Chris Brown knows he is not the star of  OJ, The Prequel. These are two people who were, by all accounts, in a committed, monogamous relationship and then got into an argument on Grammy night that got out of hand. Had this happened before—but without the violent escalation?

Was Rhianna a jealous person? Had she been jealously acting out throughout the course of their relationship? Was she accustomed to demeaning him? Hitting him? Was physical violence a recurring dynamic of their relationship?

 Was Chris Brown less than faithful to the relationship? Did he subliminally enjoy her jealous outbursts thinking it was perhaps “cute,” even a boost to his ego? Was her jealousy and his tolerance of it, even physical violence, a recurring dynamic of their relationship?

Rihanna and Chris have the answers to these questions. It would really be brave and refreshing for them to intelligently and publicly, together, articulate this not often discussed relationship dynamic. You see, I don’t believe all women are “abused.” Relationships are like fingerprints: Every one is unique and different.

We seem to be living in a tabloid dominated society where everyone has to think alike or else suffer the painful consequences. If you don’t think and sound and believe like a herd of sheep then  prepare to be slaughtered, maligned, ridiculed or worse (gasp)– shunned.  

If the talking heads say you’re un-American, or you don’t support the troops, or you’re an abuse victim and here are all the benchmarks that clearly identify you as an abuse victim, then count on Oprah, and Dr. Phil, and Dr. Drew and Dr. Laura, Matt, Meredith, Ann and Al and anyone else who has a ratings stake in promulgating their “expert” opinion or their past experience to keep whipping up the redundant media conflagration designed not to inform, but rather influence the court of public opinion.

Well, I’m here to tell you: All women who are “abused,” are not helpless, shrinking, passive, uncooperative, milquetoast  “Victims.” Nor are their “abusers” always monsters, percolating murderers, socio/psychopaths who “will beat you again.” Relationships are like fingerprints: Every one is unique and different. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” panty for relationships.

hilary1I admire Hilary Clinton for staying with her husband, despite the media talking heads whipping a judgemental public into a frenzy calling for her to leave him.

Hilary knew things about her husband of over twenty years that Oprah and the public did not know then (or now) and neither would they ever know. She valued things about her husband that Oprah and the public did not value nor would they ever value or even ever know.

Hilary may have been hurt by Bill. She may have experienced humiliation because of his behavior and the resulting publicity. She may have hated him with every fiber of her being for a good long time but she bravely chose to love, honor and respect  herself more.  Yes, he may have been a lousy, cheatin’, wife-abusin’, ignorant, jack ass son-of-a-bitch, but you know what? He was HER lousy, cheatin’, wife-abusin’, ignorant, jack ass son-of-a-bitch!

She enjoyed an intellectual compatibility with him she was smart enough to realize was better than even great sex. She decided she was going to stand by her man because the intellectual compatibility they shared was bigger than his wandering penis. I don’t think for a minute she’s regretted that decision. I don’t think he has, either.

Chris, you did wrong, and you know it. And you were S-T-U-P-I-D! You didn’t think about your career or the public’s perception (after all, perception is reality), or your young fans, or the things you yourself have said to the press, or Oprah, (who has never conceived an original idea or has been presented with someone else’s she would not shamelessly exploit for her own gain) or your contractual obligations or your family or your sponsors. Chris, sure you’re 19. But Chris, there are plenty of 19 year olds in relationships with women who don’t beat them up or cause their lips to swell or threaten to kill them.

Don’t go the Michael Phelps route and blame it on youth. Be a Man! You lost your temper and your perspective and your self-control and you punched her. Then things went on and on and escalated. Then you opened your mouth and frogs leaped forth and fell with resounding thuds. These are  in her statement to the police.

You were not having an out-of-body experience, Chris. Someone or something else did not take over your psyche. You were angry. You allowed the rage to engulf you. You chose not to rely on any of your usual, reliable defenses: your memory of your witnessing the spousal abuse between your parents, reflecting on scripture, paying attention to the inner voice, your conscience, screaming for you to stop– No. You allowed yourself to be carried away with your rage.  You lost your self-control.

Rihanna, when he told you not to worry about the text message or phone message or whatever it was that set you off– why didn’t you just take a chill pill or did you kinda sorta rely on his usual response to your “cute” jealous ragings? Did you knock him upside his head? Did you call him a name (and you know what I’m talkin’ about). Did you do that repetitive slapping on the arm thing, perhaps even while he was  driving?  

In the past he would just smile that sly, sexy smile and and tell you how cute you were being or even just ignore you, but on this night you chose not to rely on any of your usual, reliable defenses:  your soft spoken modesty, good conscience and self-control.  What went wrong this night?

Don’t go the Michael Phelps route and blame it on youth. Be a Woman! You lost your temper and your perspective and your usual self control and you punched him. Then things went on on and on and the thing just escalated. Tell us why you didn’t call the police, or phone a friend or get out of the car or use your head and diffuse the situation enough so you could get out of the car.

It’s good that you want to protect your privacy, your dignity and perhaps even Chris, but you both need to sit down with Michele Norris of NPR radio and clearly, articulately, with humility and truth, with soberness of spirit  (be prepared!), with no references to God, with no pregnant pauses, no “ums” and “you knows,” tell what happened that night and then explain why you have decided to remain together. Rihanna, you are not a Victim! And Chris, you are not a Monster!

It is true: Things got out of hand.  You lost your self control.  Chris, you should not have hit Rihanna. Period. End of story.

Do not go to The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS network, Larry or Barbra Walters. For God’s sake, don’t appear on The View. Don’t go to People magazine. Go to NPR radio, go to Essence, sit down with the Managing Editor;  go to Vanity Fair. That’s it. Don’t go on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, MTV, VH-1, or E! Although it may be tempting, please, please, please don’t appear on Larry King! Don’t go on Jay Leno or any of the late night venues. 

Go to NPR radio, go to Essence, sit down with the Managing Editor; go to Vanity Fair. That’s it.  

Michele Norris, NPR.  Vanity Fair.  Essence.   That’s all and that’s it. Respect yourselves!  Maintain your dignity. 

With all the mainstream media encouraging a sort of goose-step, collective group think promoting the contention that men beat women because they themselves are bad or damaged or suffer from some level of psychopathy and need help and that women who allow themselves to be abused are weak, defenseless, innocent, unwitting, non-participating, weaker vessels,  you can still tell the truth about the mercurial nature of  your relationship.

It’s not always as easy as characterizing someone in terms of black and white. We, none of us, are all one way all the time. Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, but he may also be a nice guy who lost his temper and did a bad thing one time. I don’t believe he will beat her again.  He needs to manage his anger and GET that he lives in a fish bowl.  Nothing he ever says or does will escape the glare of celebrity.

Rihanna is not taking an abuser back who will snap in a future circumstance and beat her again. She probably loves this guy, recognizes her own culpability in the unfortunate circumstance and its even more unfortunate outcome, does not desire to see him ruined and wants to believe they may have a future together. What’s so dangerous and unbalanced about two American Kids doin’…

…the best they can?

Oh yeah life goes on
Long after the thrill of livin is gone
Oh yeah life goes on
Long after the thrill of livin is gone


Jubilee Year

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A couple months ago I applied for a job at Marine base in San Diego that paid $10.00 an hour. You would have to wait at least half a year before health and life insurance benefits would kick in.

On the second interview, there was a panel of three with a list of questions and after each response (and even during), they would be busy jotting down notes. I remind you, this was a clerical, data entry, accounting position, on a Marine base in San Diego, that paid a whopping $10.00 an hour and offered no health benefits until after six months!  Hardly a corner office on the 80th floor.

One of the questions I was asked was what were my goals for the next five years. I am a college grad. I went back to college 10 years later and earned a K-12 teaching certificate. I taught in America’s urban schools for six years. Today, I am 51 years old, and I am unemployed. My five year goals are to be:

(1).  alive. John Kennedy, Jr. didn’t live to see 51. Diana, Princess of Wales didn’t. Eddie Kendricks didn’t. Billy Stewart didn’t. Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Phyllis Hyman, John Coltrane, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin, River Phoenix, Donny Hathaway, those four little girls, Heath Ledger, David Foster Wallace, none of these people, not one, lived to see 51.

(2).  able to support myself (pay my bills) and not be a burden to my only child

(3).  able to care for my English Bulldog (EBD) ThatOne

(4).  able to have an EBD companion for ThatOne.

(5).  employed; to still be doing an honest days work; drive home; love my son; support my dogs.  Live a balanced life.

Alive.  Able.  Employed.  That’s it.   These are my simple, basic, unglamorous goals.

I don’t need diamonds and pearls.  I desire to remain content.  If ThatOne needs a hip x-ray I want to be able to afford that. When I run out of Bare Minerals, I want to be able to afford to replenish that.  I like to go to the movies. I love Asian cuisine.

I need access to the Internet. I enjoy my iTunes. That’s it. All I want to do is live until I die.

I have no delusions of grandeur. My needs and my wants are simple. I just want to feel content, just like I do now, only without the fear and anxiety. All I want to do is live until I die.

I have never been arrested. I have never committed a crime. I am a Christian.  I love God’s word, the bible. I don’t smoke, do drugs, drink to excess or indulge profanity.  I love to dance.  I love film. I love music. I appreciate writers and their writing. I love NPR and Public television. I enjoy Merlot, a good book, good news,  Stephen Colbert and a good joke. I am the Queen of Pop Culture and yet  I don’t watch The Bachelor or American Idol. I believe Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama must be among, if not the most fortunate people on earth right now.

You would like me. I know I do.

There is a slovenly, bearded man who walks up and down Hwy 76 here every day, undoubtedly toting everything he owns. Every time I pass him by, I wonder: Where is he going? Why is he homeless? What’s his story? Who was he? Who is he now? Where did he come from? Why is he homeless? How did he come to be homeless? Why does he scare me?

Where do I want to be in five years? Ask me where I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be homeless, wandering up and down Hwy 76 or any other Highway in America. I don’t want to be pushing a shopping cart full of all my belongings up and down East Vista Way or any other Way in America. I don’t want to go to bed hungry. I don’t want to have to go without my Bare Minerals, or a shower or toilet. I don’t want to be afraid every day, or utterly and completely alone. Invisible. YOU (Employers; EE’s), YOU have the power to affect the course of a fellow Human Beings’ life.   Think about that.  YOU have the power!!!


Who are You? I really want to know.

Don’t you?


Back during the Jewish system of things, every 50 years there was the Jubilee Year. The Hebrew word yoh-vel or yo-vel means “ram’s horn.” The sho-phar would be sounded during the 50th year to proclaim liberty throughout the land. Le 25:9. The Land was to have complete rest. This meant freedom for Hebrew slaves, the return of all hereditary land possessions sold because of family financial reversals, and individuals returned to their families who had been sold into slavery.

“No family was to sink into the depth of perpetual poverty. No one should come to be poor among you.” Le 25:8-10, 13; De 15:4, 5.

“The Jubilee law, when obeyed, preserved the nation from gravitating into the sad state that we observe today, where there are virtually two classes, the extremely rich and the extremely poor. The benefits to the individual strengthened the nation in that none would be underprivileged and crushed into unproductiveness by an economic crisis, but that all would contribute their knowledge, skills, talents and abilities to the national welfare. The law was read to the people during the Festival of Booths (De 31:10-12).*

It would be great if the stimulus money was funneled directly to each and every American with an income under $250,000.00. These families know how to stimulate themselves (https://killinmesoftly.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/so-president-elect-obama-if-yer-lissnin/).

These families would pay their bills off. Their paying down their bills would infuse money into businesses, money every American could all see and account for. This revenue infusion would stimulate business and perhaps extinguish layoffs.

The economy would be stimulated the old fashioned way:  by honest-hearted people happily paying their bills, and businesses happily  investing in their businesses, encouraging competition, promoting Laissez faire (from the French, meaning to leave alone or to allow to do is an economic and political doctrine that holds that economies function most efficiently when unencumbered by government regulation. Laissez faire advocates favor individual self-interest and competition, and oppose the taxation and regulation of commerce).

Adam Smith, father of classical economics, maintained in Wealth of Nations (1776) that Britain’s goal should have been the promotion of the welfare of individuals, rather than centering on national power and prestige. Freely functioning economies were capable of bestowing benefits to all levels of society**.

I wish President Obama publicly endorsed this more far-reaching, more historical grasp of economics and  history. We could learn a lot from looking at the original, pre-Christian model. The Jewish model failed because it was ahead of its time, and the people then did not support it as it should have been supported. Its legacy, however, lives on as a lesson for us today.

When I listen to the political shouting heads in the news, I am astonished by how unknowledgeable, naïve and utterly disinterested the House and Congress are in the financial machinations of Wall street and the Hamiltonian system. We have already “loaned” billions to companies that cannot account for how they spent this money.

Clearly, this infusion of cash during the last days of Bush 43’s administration did absolutely nothing to bolster the current economy. I want to know what happened to every cent of that initial bailout money. I want to know what happened to every cent of that initial bailout money. I want to know what happened to every cent of that initial bailout money!! Will I ever? Will the country?

Obama’s stimulus bill has already passed now. Can we learn lessons any from the old, pre-Christian Jubilee Year? Yes we can.


*Insight On The Scriptures |Watchtower Bible and Tract Society NYC | Vol II | 1998


Everybody Knows I’m Not Like That

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FOX Forum
You Decide

Are We a ‘Nation of Cowards’ When It Comes to Race?

In a speech on February 18 marking Black History month Attorney General Eric Holder said:

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. Though race related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion, and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race.”

Some critics have called Holder’s comments “offensive” and others can lauded them as “honest” and “constructively provocative.”

YOU DECIDE: Are we a nation of cowards when it comes to race? http://foxforum.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/02/19/youdecide_holder_race/

Given the right situation and circumstance, the average, every day, experienced, habitual  practitioner of racism tend to be people who have an entrenched belief that they themselves are not racists.  

“You, African American, Black person, descendant of slaves may not work in my office, but I will happily welcome an Asian immigrant.  See?  I accept other races, therefore I am not racist.  How does this make me a coward?”

“You, African American, Black person, descendant of slaves may not work in my office.  I will not welcome your presence.  I will make the environment sooo hostile, so unpleasant.  I will try to provoke an anger response from you at every turn, and when you choose not to allow yourself to be provoked, I will decide you are a coward, you are weak and therefore I am entitled to torment you until you either quit or we succeed in getting you fired.  But my Middle Eastern immigrant co-worker likes me and I allow him so, see?  I’m not a racist.  How does this make me a coward?”

On Wednesday, February 18, Rupert Murdoch’s  New York Post published this political cartoon.  It clearly personifies our nation’s 44th president as a chimpanzee shot multiple times by police. 

The incendiary ramifications of this seemingly benign expression of 5th Amendment privilege is beyond the pale. It’s 2009.  We have elected an African American President and yet this decades old, hateful, racist comparison is still a subject for even-handed debate?  When are we going to simply just say no–  to racism?

If the subject of this so-called political cartoon was the Holocaust, the public outcry would have been overwhelmingly unanimous in its outrage.  The paper would have issued an apology so fast, the incident would have escaped the notice of the ladies of The View.  But no.

This cartoon has been defended as freedom of speech.  I have the right to yell fire in a crowded movie theater, but no one would defend this conduct in the absence of a fire, especially if people were hurt.  Just because you have the right to say it, doesn’t mean it’s right to say it. The defenders’ voices are also astonishingly mute around the fact that this cartoon’s inception and publication is a moral outrage.  It’s the middle finger in the face of every American who held a mistaken belief we were inching toward turning the page on collective racism.  

This cartoon is wrong on so many levels.  It invokes the memories of  Eleanor BumpursAmadou DialloSean Bell and reminds us of the antipathy that exists between the NYC police department and the black community.  It personifies our President as an animal, a “monkey.”

And then there’s that nasty subliminal subtext that makes it impossible for any thinking person not to reference Martin Luther King, Jr, Robert Kennedy, Medgar Evers, Abraham Lincoln, men all felled in a hail of an assassin’s bullets.   Worse, it has as its primary goal to undermine and disrupt (perhaps even crush?) the spirit of healing and growth that has galvanized the American psyche of late.

People genuinely began to allow themselves to believe President Obama’s election was a sign America was inching toward acknowledgement of and reconciliation for past crimes, attitudes and conduct.  This hateful, cynical, mean illustration was clearly designed to remind “haters” that some things will never change.  That’s just the way it is.  It really is about control.

I find it hard to believe this cartoonist would think there was anything funny or innocuous or even clever about this!This cartoon should never have been approved for publication by the managing editor.

It’s interesting to note Dog, The Bounty Hunter is now quietly back on the air.  Don Imus is back behind the mike at 77WABC morning radio, yet Isaiah Washington appears to have fallen off the entertainment radar.  So the New York Post will just skate on this just like all the others. And so  on, and so on, and so on…

“Stop the Madness!”

So Attorney General Eric Holder, while I appreciate what your words were maybe trying to acheive, I’m just not sure the expression “nation of cowards” was a characterization that was especially useful.  Your words are out there now, though.  You can’t unring that bell.  You should have just said it outright instead of trying to soft-peddle the message.  I disagree.  We are not a nation of cowards.  We remain, however, both to our chagrin and our horror, a nation that continues to excuse and tolerate racism toward descendants of slaves.  

“Everybody knows I’m not like that.  See? I am not a coward!  Now get out of here and let me get back to business as usual in my African-American free office!”

So President-elect Obama, If Yer Liss’nin’…

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Dear President-elect Obama,

The nation is enormously pleased and excited about the appointments you’ve made, the depth of attention you’re devoting to the matter of this nation’s economy and the swiftness and intellectual seriousness you’re applying to resolve the matter.  It’s a great first start. 

Jobs must now and always be the focus. That was the major imperative FDR intuitively and immediately understood.  President-elect Obama, being the keen student of history you are, you know that during the thirties, FDR created public works projects that lead to jobs that lead to people getting back to work, that lead to the country feeling good about itself again, that restored confidence to individual Americans and restored America’s collective confidence in America.

All people who sincerely wanted to work had to do then was get up early enough to be among the first in line.  Employers recognized and believed it was their civic responsibility to hire all who wanted to work.  They believed they were helping rebuild America.  


Today the media talks about jobs and unemployment in cold, faceless statistics.  Federally funded, so-called job development agencies are perpetuating that mind set.  No one is on the side of the integrity of the American worker anymore, or is our government so completely removed from the hopes and dreams and aspirations of the “REAL” average American worker? 

The “REAL” average American worker has graduated from high school and has landed a job within ten miles of his home town, quickly married and immediately started a family.  They seem always to have two children:  a girl and a boy. They’re not shopping the market for the right “career fit.”  They’re content with living where they live, how they live, and with what they’re living for: their families, their homes and their communities. And the occasional pizza delivery.

The “REAL” average American family are people who sacrifice and live within their means.  They’re proud of what they do, proud they are able to support their families. They fervently need to be able to rely on the stability of their jobs, because this is the rock-solid foundation for everything they are and all that they do.  All other ground is sinking sand.

Once the job is in place, heads-of-households begin to plan for their futures and the immediate future of their children. Notice I said immediate, not long-term future of their children. The “REAL” average American family is not necessarily socking away money  for college for their children.  They believe, if this a desire their children have, it is their responsibility as parents to provide a secure, stable, nurturing home for their children to be able to excel throughout their public school career. 

Based on that record of excellence, the “REAL” average American family expect their children to get into college on scholarship, work, avail themselves to available student aid, work, do well in college, work, graduate, then work to pay off those student loans.  Notice the importance of the expectation of work. The children are grateful for the occasional care package they receive from their parents or the occasional money gift and their love, support and encouragement.  The children then pass these expectations and values on to their children.  The foundation of it all is their parent’s ability to get and sustain their jobs.

We seem to have forgotten how “REAL” average Americans feel about working.  They don’t care about having a “career trajectory.”  They just want to work.  They just  want to keep their jobs.  They want their parents to be proud of them.  They prefer to stick with those same co-workers.  They want to pay their bills.  They want to stay connected to their siblings.  They want to establish and maintain their friendships.  They love to talk about how long they’ve known this one or that one or how long they’ve been affiliated with their church, how close they are to their parents, or how long they’ve held that job.  Listen to the “REAL” average American and see what I say is true.

The “REAL” average American does not want glamour, they want consistency and stability.  They want to earn a paycheck so they can support their families and their communities and live where they’ve always lived all their lives.  They’re not whining about healthcare or spinning tales of woe about healthcare gone wrong.  They use nearby Urgent Care facilities, not emergency rooms. 

Now people are scared.  They’re eating eggs and Raaman noodles for dinner every night, and the worst part:  When they lose their jobs, it’s next to impossible to land another job.  Here is the real crisis of confidence, Mr. Obama.  It’s not because there are no jobs out there to be had, because there are.  It’s because there are far too many people, companies and agencies who have the power to hire but instead choose to serve their own self interests.  They are the ones who are really benefitting by turning the application process into a mean, protracted ordeal because it’s in their self interest–  It’s their job.  It’s what they do.  See how busy they are doing their job. 

They’re objective is not to fill positions especially.  They’re working to proliferate a process.  They reduce otherwise good people– devoted parents, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, into a tidy heap of 8 1/2 by 11 tucked inside manila files.  It’s about paper, not people!

During the Depression, one person took your name and address, sized you up, and then pointed you toward where you were going to work (remember Russell Crowe’s Jim Braddock in Cinderella Man)? Millions of people went to work that way and continued to make this country great.  The Empire State building in New York City was erected during the Great Depression!  Today, you need a Vice-President of Human Resources, a Director of Human Resources, a HR Manager, several HR supervisors, and all of their HR administrative assistants.  And let’s not forget the Receptionist who everyone knows is the chief  screener.

You have to spend hours filling out one online application and you will still be expected to be packing a hard copy of your resume when you come to the interview.  As you stand on the outside longingly looking in, it hits you–   all these people at these various companies have jobs because you don’t.  If this went on in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s, we would never have put people back to work and grown the economy as steadily as FDR did.

Mr. President-elect, if you’re still with me here, there are two rather simple ways you and your crack team can facilitate job growth within the first six months of your presidency.  What you have to do is: 

1. Appeal to companies desire to prove to Americans just how committed to America they truly are.  They must relax (or better yet, eliminate altogether) the arduous application process that is demoralizing the spirit of all those who can, are willing and able, and who simply want to work, not write a book.

People who don’t work steadily are people who can’t pay bills, keep up with a mortgage, maintain an expensive hobby or hunt moose.  People who don’t work stay home and find other, inexpensive, “creative” ways to cope, mechanisms that may not be the most physically, emotionally or spiritually helpful.

2. Appeal to companies to suspend the practice of using staffing agencies to fill positions with contract or temporary workers to whom they don’t  provide healthcare benefits. People will work without benefits in exchange for permanent employment status.

I guarantee these two simple appeals will get real people back to work! 

For years, this quote “Actors are cattle” was attributed to Alfred Hitchcock, the famous director of Psycho, The Birds and Rear Window.  During a televised awards ceremony, (which I was watching, by the way), Mr. Hitchcock clarified the misquote saying “I never said actors are cattle.  I said actors should be treated like cattle.”  

Everyone’s out doing themselves publicly decrying outsourcing and jobs being shipped overseas.  This little talked about, horrid, hateful, practice of using valuable human resources (people) as temporary/contract workers has kept families living in fear and on the edge and for years!  People are being treated like cattle.  There should be some outcry about that!

Companies need to post “HELP WANTED” signs, announce the number of jobs they’re needing to fill, and then have their HR personnel walk the line.  If every company in the nation did this, every person in this nation who truly wants to work will work.   Poseyal Desposyni Poet

Maybe CEO’s and COO’s can demonstrate their altruism and their commitment to America by donating the disposable portion of their salaries and bonuses (the part their using to buy yachts, and maintain multiple homes and cars and their expensive memberships in country clubs) toward the newly hired who waited on that line. Demonstrate that spirit of self-sacrifice that once was a moral descriptor of American. Just long enough to see America though this crisis and until she gets back on her feet.  

The Great Depression lasted 14 long, hard years, but throughout, Americans came to the real aid of other Americans, not by donating millions of dollars to some charity, or think-tank consortiums, or adopting foreign children, but by providing work to those who simply want to work.

President-elect Obama, we don’t need a stimulus check.  We know how to stimulate ourselves.  President Obama, people want jobs, not stimulus checks!  depression by

That’s all.  Thanks for listening.

Change Is Gonna Come, so Take a Little Time

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It didn’t come to last.  It’s come to pass.

And so it goes.  Like the ebb and flow of the tide, the rise and set of the sun,  the in and out of your breath, so goes fortune.  Sometimes you’re up.  Sometimes down.  Sometimes you’re working and sometimes you’re not.  Sometimes things happen and sometimes nothing does. 

What good is sitting alone in your room.  Come hear the music play.  Life is a Caberet, old chum.  Come to the Cabaret!  

Out wit da Range– 

 “The economy is growing, productivity is high, trade is up, people are working. It’s not as good as we’d like, but — and to the extent that we find weakness, we’ll move.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., July 15, 2008

And in with the Change: at 12:00 noon on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, (according to the Twentieth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution). 

 “Words do inspire” —  Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

This world has lost its glory, let’s start a brand new story now, my love.
Right now, there’ll be no other time and I can show you how, my love.

Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to me.
And I will give you all my life, I’m here if you should call to me.
You think that I don’t even mean a single word I say.
It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.       
The Bee Gees, 1968

It didn’t come to last.  It’s come to pass.

To all the nameless, faceless dead martyrs wasted away in watery graves at the bottom of the Atlantic—  It didn’t come to last. 

To all the dead martyrs, young ones and old, men and women, black ones and white ones, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, Quakers, Runaways and  Strange Fruit, Emmett Till and Jackie Robinson, Martin L King and Malcolm L X–  It didn’t come to last. 

To all the “quiet heros,” marytrs, born too soon, who didn’t live to see the day come–   It didn’t come to last. 

The “quiet, unsung, everyday, latter day heros,”  thick skinned martyrs still among us today pretending not to hear the coded messages, and snide remarks, ignoring the ever changing, veiled euphemisms that add salt to open wounds—   It didn’t come to last. 

No, not now. Not tomorrow.  Not on January 20, 2009.

Put down the knitting,
The book and the broom.
Time for a holiday.
Life is Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret!
          Liza Minnelli, Cabaret, 1972Liza Minnelli, Cabaret, 1972   

On January 20, 2009, take a little time to remember all those who have gone before, all the blood, the tears, the body blows (and bags) and the jeers. All the disappointments and the slights, the perseverance and inalienable rights. Always Remember.  Never Forget! 

It’s been a long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come .    Sam Cooke, 1965

It’s come to pass. 

Well… At Least Moms Mabley Was Funny

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I wish I had a sample of the “ka doi-ing” from Law and Order. That sound always seems to punctuate things just right.

The broadcast media is still energetically consoling themselves with maudlin (witness the James Carville/Mary Maitlin meltdown on the set of Meet the Press this past Sunday), and contrived (the shot of Luke, posing JFK-like in shadow, touching his father’s empty chair on the set of Meet the Press) tributes to Tim Russert.

Don’t get me wrong, I admired Tim Russert. I occasionally tuned in to Meet the Press. Even though I sensed his being overly preoccupied with complying with the imperatives of the network sometimes stifled an initiative to ask the tough questions, his journalistic integrity was leagues above all the screamers and shouters who clearly have the ear, heart and half-a-brain of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I am sorry he’s gonna miss this election in November. The world is going to miss his point of view, but I must admit I’m glad the televised long good-bye and the public displays of  “weeping and the gnashing of their teeth*” will finally be over.  “Ka doi-ing!” Moving on…

Then I made the mistake of tuning into The View yesterday morning. I wanted to see Michelle Obama. She looked marvelous! Her makeup was impeccable. Somebody really knew how to tone down those pointy eyebrows. I loved the little frock she was wearing.

She got to be on the panel, not a guest. She got to stand with some nutritionist discussing whether breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. She got to sit next to milquetoast Matthew Broderick while he explained his five year old’s preference for Senator Obama and promote not one but two (really bad) films he’s in. She got to largely ignore the annoyingly grating, always incoherent, trembling prattle of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (Barbara and the nation all held their collective breath. Would there be a bimbo eruption? Mercifully, not today).

She got to listen without correction or comment as the adorable, but intellectually vacant Sherrie Shepherd mangled her eldest daughter’s name. But even all that wasn’t the “ka doi-ing!” She had to sit in stunned silence, without betraying even the slightest hint of disgust, shock and outrage, while toad after warty toad leapt, head first, from out of the mouth of Whoopi (aka Karen Johnson) Goldberg, each one landing with a resounding thud. Back in the day, when a Black person behaved badly in public or pulled a stunt like Sammy Davis, Jr. putting the squeeze on Richard Nixon, Black folk observing the behavior would say “He’s an embarrassment, ” or “She’s a disgrace to the race.”

This morning, Whoopi Goldberg’s utterly idiotic, totally out of left field, itchy and scratchy, astonishingly inappropriate, bizarre comment about Black women with no teeth or a mouthful of gold teeth who were not light skinned but “dark” like Michelle and she,  was off the charts disgraceful.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of the Obama home as Barack and Michelle settle in front of the TV to watch the show together. I imagine the conversation going something like this:

Barack: What..? What’s she saying here?  Ya’know, what… what’s she talkin’ about?

Michelle: Dear Heart, you know I don’t have any idea. I had to freeze every muscle in my face so I wouldn’t get caught on camera lookin’ like ‘This u ‘gly bitch said what?’ I heard she was born and raised in New York City.  She from New York City, right?

Barack: By way of Alabama, I guess. Wonder what kind of Black folk she grew up watchin’ on TV. Sounds like she talkin’ ’bout Moms Mabley.Moms Mabley

Michelle: Well, at least Moms Mabley was funny.

Uproarious laughter…  And scene.  (a beat)

Take a little time to avoid The View“Ka doi-ing!”

Asides or Racing thoughts:

  • Barack Obama, don’t go to Iraq before the election! Remember Mike Dukakis. Remember Mike Dukakis!Michael Dukakis in an M1 Abrams tank.
  • Chris Matthews, a possible replacement for Tim Russert? I say No.., no.., no!
  • Andrea Mitchell, a possible replacement for Tim Russert? Yes!
  • Barack Obama and Al Gore. Perfect together.
  • Hillary’s “full-throated” endorsement of Barack Obama is beginning to look like OJ’s search for Nicole’s “real” killer.
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s contract. Is it up for renewal yet?

*Matt 8:12

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